San Francisco marketed, Berkeley based + crafted juice company, Thistle, approached me to create the identity + branding system for the launch of their suite of organic, locally sourced, cold-pressed juice.

A fluid system of symbols and a suite of type marrying the cleanliness of neo-modernism with the elegance of Gene Kelly was the genesis of the visual lexicon at the base of Thistle. The brand was built to be straightforward and beautifully impactful - just like the liquids inside each bottle.

While all of their juices are incredibly flavourful and delicious, my Achilles Heel is Amber, a blend of Apple, Grapefruit, and Burdock. Damn that Apple, Grapefruit, Burdock-y goodness...damn it all.


Featured on Forbes, HuffPo, SF Weekly, and 7x7 among others.

John James

Creative Direction, Brand Design + Concept Photography