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Our story begins at the end of a tunnel. Muffled laughter and the thumping bass of music reverberating against the cold steel of a Speakeasy door. Your fists pound the metal frame as you try to get in. But no one can hear you outside of the debaucherous howls. So you knock again and again, until finally, a sliver of an eyeslot slides open. 

As your eyes adjust to the darkness and halo of red lights, you are transported into a realm of hedonism, where burlesque dancers rule the stage, illegal gambling and beer flows like a bountiful river. This place isn't just a bar, it is a place to lose your inhibitions, and let the night carry you where it may.

So go ahead. Knock.

NOTE: Each video can be accessed through your phone by "knocking" on the front door the Sleeman Speakeasy App. Your persistence could be answered by the face of an angry doorman, a group of haute babes, or a room full of new friends. Who knows what the end result could's a mystery. 

John James
Liam Mitchell
John James + Dex James
Mikael Bidard
Sahne Zwickel
Chad Lott
John James + Gary Sylvester
John James + Gary Sylvester
John James
Siobhan Uy
John James
Gary Sylvester

Dex James
Heidi Kysa
Jaqueline Boudreau
Kadar Prodahl
Kemi Wang
Ryan Kilby
Tyson Harrison
Tyler Hazelwood

The Lords of Gastown
Get With You - The Damn Truth

Creative Director
2nd AC
Lamp Op
Production Designers
Set Decorators
Makeup and Hair Stylist
Casting Director
Graphic Design


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