rust magic 2017
international mural festival



Symbouros: A symbol of protection. A mirror of transition. A ritual honouring and celebration of love.

This highly personal work is a visual talisman navigating themes of the intimacy between paramours and the familial ties of two cities that have strongly influenced how I have come define "home". The mural - depicting a wolf (an animal that I feel closely bonded to) cradled in dual states of emotion framed by an encircling bird in motion - is an allegory for our need for independence meeting interdependence that is a result of connection.

Every individual person is a vision of whole and perfect imperfection, composed of their own thoughts, experiences, emotions and beliefs. Yet, as time, space and circumstance yields the coming together of people, we are encouraged to continually discover ourselves in the mirror of new experience...essentially traversing from one "home" to another. 

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