REVL is a social networking platform that aims to showcase an individual's skills in a unique way, while simultaneously creating a compelling interface for recruiters and job-posters. More often than not, the (life) skills that we acquire over the course of our careers increase the value of our experience on a level that may be more complex to read than an academic degree/diploma, or how many years we were at a job.

The REVL experience was architected, from a complete rebrand and full site design, to be an evolution of the resume, utilizing a combination of data visualization tools,  network activity, and personal culture as a means of measuring and cataloging merit based on the sum of an individual's parts, rather than the meter of their corporate climb.


Featured on Forbes and ABC News.

John James + Geno Burmester
Jean Morrow
Ryan Meis
Stephen Goldblatt


Design + Illustration
Mark Design