proper alchemy

an exercise in
branding a
liquid alchemist.

Proper Alchemy is a boutique mixology service catering to private events fronted by Oakland-based Liquid Alchemist, Daniel Metcalf. As a keen observer of human behaviours coupled with an affinity for the olfactory, one could say that Metcalf is a student of sensory experience who is driven by the desire to craft your experience around the bar with akin philosophy.

The Alchemical philosophy revolves around tailoring a bespoke collection of libations designed to evoke a palette of emotion, bring forth the recollection of memories recent or forgotten, or through the complexity (and simplicity) of flavour notes, create new ones.

Branding identities like this are exciting to work on, as exploration of the person behind the brand is often required to create the story of a mark. Discover for yourself and contact him at properalchemy[at]

John James
Jessica Wong

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