iLab//haiti: passeport series

graphics + design.

Passeport 01 was the first in a 3 part event series in partnership with Proper Alchemy aimed to raise funding for the iLab//Haiti team and their skillshare initiative in Port au Prince, Haiti.

iLab//Haiti is a collaboration between KIDmob, The Blue Marble Movement, and Haiti Communitere for the purpose of equipping Haitian communities with the vocational skills, infrastructure and a support system for self reliance. This is carried out with great emphasis on the design process and use of 3D printers (Makerbots) to create medical equipment, which can be cost prohibitive and difficult to import. 

Hearkening back to the aesthetic of bygone USPS airmail, this campaign evokes the layered feelings of nostalgia that we often associate with the recollection of memory.


This initiative has garnered attention from NPR, Inhabitat, Borgen Magazine, Makezine, 3D Printer World and hit #10 on Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet.