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Darwin suggested that language existed before meaning...that our primitive ancestors created markings for their beauty and form bereft of weight. From these raw beginnings...this process of marking, making and unmaking, came language...and language bore communication. And here, we lay witness to this beautiful progression, looking back upon the surface of culture-in its myriad of forms and permutations, spanning eons-to define a new Mark. We are the observers, the inventors...the documentarians of what has come to pass and what is projected to be.

Technology like this exists in the interstitial, living in a space that resides somewhere between the present, close to a border defining the future. The Digital Tattoo is Google ATAP's response to solving the challenge of how to enhance the security of your phone through a convenient and elegant solution. Enter the Digital Tattoo for Moto X, it is a whisper thin adhesive stamp with near field communication antennas (NFC) and technology embedded into the piece that is meant to be worn on your skin. This design was inspired by our primeval yearnings, Blade Runner, and an appreciation of human + performance based augmentation. Digital Tattoos are available online through Vivalnk


Featured on The Daily Mail UK, Designboom, Fortune, Forbes, Huffington Post