glad: After the wildlife

social media Campaign
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After The Wild Life, the second installment of Glad's "wildly" successful reality series "The Wild Life", documents the lives of a messy family of animals as they learn to embrace their time in the spotlight following their rise to fame.

Now, hungry for 5 more minutes of stardom, they are doing everything that they can -  from hawking useless products, running for election, starting metal bands, dodging the paparazzi, and stealing pudding cups at an alarming rate - to hold their place at the top. Life on the D-List isn’t easy, so Tori Spelling and her Facebook Tab gossip rag OMG EXTRA are on the scene to catch all the action with breaking news, blog posts, video exposes, paparazzi photos, and even a game (called "Missing in the Mess") for posterity.

John James
Jessica Wong
Allison Lackey, Casey Brewer, + Sara Steinberg 

Art Direction