ferrero rocher:
2014 holiday campaign

branded content.

In the winter of 2014, Instagram curated a selection of five brands as a test pool to begin seeding sponsored content into targeted feeds across Canada and the US. The IG community is devout and for brands, this opportunity could have been considered a boon or a bane. Therefore creating content that reflected the IG mission statement - "capturing and sharing the world's moments through photo and video features" - with sensitivity was imperative.

Built around Rocher's positioning of "Beauty is in the Details", this campaign was created to reference the everyday luxury of the Ferrero experience. Taking a moment out of one's day to enjoy something for yourself, surrounded by the people, places and things that you love, over the holiday season. With this initial step into IG, as a brand, we celebrated those golden moments as seen through the easy luxe of the Ferrero Rocher lens.

Done in collaboration with The Cross Decor + Design.


Ferrero Rocher was selected as 1 of 5 curated brands to launch advertising on Instagram.
This Instagram campaign has the highest percentage of consumer recall in the NA market to date.
Shot entirely on iPhone 5/6.

John James
John James + Andrea Turner

Creative Direction
Photography + Set Design