branding +
package design.


Built on a journey, a hope, and the love that we hold for what Canada has come to represent for us.

We are a team of 6 people who believe in the ideology of Canada as a forum for democracy, free thought, acceptance and progress. We believe that our country, as a group of people - not just a government, bore greatness and that there is potential, vision and unity in its future. We just have to build it together.

All of these things do not mean erasing your identity to get behind a new one, but realizing that there is a cord of truth that binds us all together. Our differences in culture, background, language and the like, are what enrich us. We are bound by the desire to respect, value, educate and lift one another - to help build the foundation for all that may come next.

Our hope is that you will identify with this story as your own. Our Great White North....A message from the founders:

"Our centre of gravity is where memory and sense of place come together.
Who we are. What life has made of us. What we’ve made of life. 

The simplicity of Aurora — and the spirit behind it — is the culmination of
the many journeys, manifold friendships, travels, loves and passions of those
whose vision met to make it so. 

Our partners came home to bring Aurora to life.
To say something new about design and possibility within Canada.
Greatness has a home here. 

In this life, it's not what you were but what you've overcome.
The soul of your story. Look upward, move ahead, and build one with us."


Custom concrete draught taps crafted by Concrete Cat.